Pillow or Exercise Ball Tummy Time

This session will count as 1 round of your 3-4 daily sessions of tummy time.  Feel free to repeat this exercise. Using an exercise ball or pillow will allow you to vary the degree of incline for her in tummy time.  The exercise ball is angled everywhere since it is round.  Place her not on top, but on the top side of the ball so that her head is at the top of the incline.  Support her with your hand on her back.  If using a pillow, put her chest at the edge of the pillow so she is propped up.  Make sure your pillow is wide enough for her to place her hands on the pillow as well.  Very the incline based on her comfort.  A baby new or frustrated with tummy time may want a higher angle similar to that when you hold baby on your shoulder.  Eventually, we want her to be able to tolerate the more challenging position, which is on the top of the ball or pillow, for longer periods of time.  When using the ball, practice safety and be aware that it rolls.

If she is very young and this is her first exposure to tummy time, you can pick her up a few minutes (or seconds) into fussing.  Then increase goal to 5 min next time, then 7min, 10min, 12min, and 15min.  Your goal is to get to at least 20min of tummy time 4 times a day or 25min of tummy time 3 times a day.  Make sure to pick a time of day she is alert, calm, and willing.  Don’t worry.  With more practice in these comfy positions while slowing increasing her tolerance, she’ll be able to do classic tummy time on the floor in no time.

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