Pincer Grasp Baby Activities

Depending on your baby, can maybe try these activities as young as 6 months.  Usually around 9 months, however, is when the pincer grasp may first be developing.

Baby is a pro at reaching and grabbing what they want!  The next fine motor milestone programmed in their DNA, is the pincer grasp- grabbing with the thumb and finger.  Before they may have successfully grabbed small objects by scooping and tightly grabbing with their palm.  But now, they will realize and practice the finer movement of grabbing with their fingers.  You can help them along with this motor skill development by fun play activities to introduce and refine the pincer grasp.

Your baby loves to squeeze, push and pull things apart.  Luckily, this helps her strengthen those little muscles of her hand.

  • Let her squirt and squeeze those bath toys
  • Squeeze squishy balls
  • Play with Mega Blocks
  • Embed toys in playdoh and have her pull them out

The act of pointing or poking is a great first step.  It helps isolate that pointer finger.

  • Play with your baby and ask her to point at birds or planes she sees; point at pictures in books; or point at cheerios on her plate.  Take at least 5 minutes to do this
  • Push holes in play dough, the rug or carpet or squish food.  Take at least 10 minutes to do this
  • Poke at toys with buttons, holes, or switches.  Take at least 5-10 minutes to do this

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