Baby Activities

As you have read, each baby has a wide range of time to meet many milestones, especially motor milestones, and be considered meeting normal development standards. However, once a baby conquers new milestones, they are equipped with even more ways to broaden their experiences and can explore new ways to interact with the world around them. This, no doubt, influences their communication, social/emotional, and cognitive growth. So, let’s engage in baby activities to help them along. There are just so many things to do with a baby!

Here, we give you ways to keep baby engaged through baby games while helping build upon their cognitive and physical development. Each of these infant activities are designed for you to do with them many times. Don’t just try them once. Were you ever good at anything the first time? Watch as your baby blossoms and becomes confident in exploring as you do each baby development activity again and again!

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Language Development

Baby activities to engage language development. It starts from a little bit of oooing and ahhhing, then full blown babbling, followed by first words!

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Motor Baby Activities

Infant activities to help develop both gross and fine motor skills in your baby. Practice, practice, practice!

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Tummy Time Activities

Tummy Time Activities made simple. Ways to progress your baby in tummy time to ensure they are having fun during tummy play.

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Touch Sensory Baby Activities

Baby activities to engage their sense of touch. Ways to explore with water, sand, sensory boxes, and more. Warning- messy play for babies included.

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Sensory Baby Activities

Sensory play for babies to engage their senses. Researchers have shown a relationship between sensory stimulation with your baby’s cognition, physical abilities, and health. Pick one of the sensory activities for babies now!

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Cognitive Boosting Activities

There have been several studies conducted looking at what boosts babies’ and kids’ cognition. We take a look at those that have shown positive impacts and give you baby activities to put this knowledge into action vs. getting bogged down reading the detailed science behind it.