3 to 6 Month Language Milestones

  • Placeholder ImageResponds to own name
  • Responds when spoken to face to face
  • Voice may express emotion (ex: happy, upset)
  • Blows bubbles, sputters, and/or raspberries (4 months)
  • Laughs when tickled (4 months)
  • Add consonants to babbling and will combine consonants with vowels into long, repetitious strings (ex: babababa, mamama) (5 months)

9 to 12 Month Language Milestones

  • Placeholder ImageMay say two-syllable words  (ex: ma-ma; da-da)
  • Imitates sounds( ex: cough, tongue clicks)
  • Understands gestures (ex: bye-bye)
  • Babbling gets complex- mixes syllables and “says” long “sentences” varying in pitch
  • Average baby understands (not says) 70 words
  • Some babies can speak 6 or more words, but majority says no words