Baby Milestones

Developmental milestones are those actions your babies make that mark significant baby development stages. Often infant milestones are listed in conjunction with the average or median age babies master the skill. In some cases, this means that half of the baby population will reach the milestone early and half later. And what this really means is that there is a wide window of what is considered normal for babies. For instance, a baby that starts walking at 9 months is normal, and so is a baby that walks at 15 months- that’s a 6 month difference! Furthermore, in the case of motor milestones, if your baby runs a little late meeting them, this doesn’t effect IQ.

Each baby will develop at their own pace. So, relax! The point is there is no need to focus on the numbers if they are progressing within the normal range. Make sure you are enjoying each developmental milestone stage of your baby because even though there’s a wide range of what is considered normal in many of these newborn milestones, it all seems to move too fast for parents!

Gross Motor Milestones

Learn about when your baby should begin major motor milestones such as crawling, sitting, standing, and walking.

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Fine Motor Milestones

Like gross motor milestones, these milestones are physical achievements of your baby. However, they involve fine motor skills like reaching, grabbing, or dropping.

Language Milestones

Learn about how and when your baby babbles and the different baby stages in language development. Know how to notice baby’s first attempt to communicate with you and others around them!

Sensory Milestones

Newborns can’t see very well- only 8-15 inches in front of them. Even at this distance it is blurry! Learn newborn milestones related to all your baby’s senses: hearing, sight, taste, touch, balance, and smell.

Social/Emotional Milestones

Social skills and Emotional intelligence starts from the newborn age, with smiling as a favorite first!  Learn about all the developmental milestones your baby should be practicing to cultivate these essential skills.

Cognitive Milestones

Ways your infant’s cognition changes over the first year of life. Learn about baby’s growth and development stages as it pertains to cognition.