Shredded Paper Baby Activity

Put paper into a shredder if you have one. Otherwise, cut paper into long thin pieces. You can use a variety of paper. For instance, construction paper, printer paper, magazine sheets, scrap paper, or newspaper. Then put it all in a tub where he can play away. He will be transfixed with pulling the paper apart and feeling how it crumples together.

Water Paper Baby Activity

This is a simple activity that captivates little ones.  It usually is the simple ones.  Grab a tub and fill it with water.  Grab different types and sizes of paper and stack it next to the tub.  Example paper types: printer paper, scratch paper, notes, magazine pages, or construction paper.  Watch as she dips, pushes, and soaks the paper in the water.  After awhile of play, you can add a new element by giving her child friendly tongs, spoons, ladels, or cups to poke, scoop and play with the paper.