Hearing Sensory Baby Activity

Your baby’s vision is rather poor in their early days, but their hearing provides a great stimulus and input of knowledge to what’s going on in the outside world.  Through the world of sound, your baby learns your voice, language, music, birds chirping, wind blowing, and other sounds of their environment.  No matter your baby’s age, remember it is important to supply them with different experiences of sound for their development!

Richness in Sound:  Give her a rich experience of sound!  Take her for a walk outside where many of her senses will be engaged!  She can feel the breeze and warmth of the sun on her skin, she can hear the world of sounds outside, and she can feel her body in motion.  Aim to walk at least 15-30min.

Funny Talk: Get an empty paper towel roll and talk through it.  Vary it with silly sounds and words.  Pause and let your baby see your smiling face.  Repeat.  Describe to her what you are doing.  She will be so intrigued!  Give her a chance to play with the tube if she shows interest.


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