Molding Tastes Sensory Baby Activity

It’s pretty much all environmental when it comes to developing our taste preferences.  Our hereditary genes have just a smidgen of a factor.  So, you as parents have a huge impact on your kids’ natural food choices and what they will like or not like to eat.

Try a new vegetable and fruit this week!  Maybe it’s garlic spinach, acorn squash mixed with nutmeg, or sautéed yellow squash and onions as your new veggie of the week.  For fruit, try kiwi, mango, or blueberries (make sure they are ripe).  If they do not eat it on the first try, it doesn’t mean they do not like it.  It just means they are not used to it.  Try this same vegetable and fruit again later this week and repeat tries 3 weeks in a row!

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