Tummy Time

Place baby gently on her tummy.  Make sure the surface is not too soft or hard.  A blanket or play mat covering the ground is a good tummy time spot.  Of course, always be next to her. Talk to her and give encouraging, comforting words.  She most likely will not like tummy time at first and will fuss.  That’s OK!  Try for at least 5 min in the beginning, and if she isn’t having it, go ahead and end early.  Slowly increase her tummy time.  If she is still fussy, increase time before picking her up by 2 min every other day.  If she is not fussy, let her play until she gets bored.  A pro at Tummy Time?  Keep engaging her through face to face interaction, words, and toys to help her practice raising her head, chest, and eventually lift with her arms.  Goal of tummy time is at least 25min three times a day.

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