Batting Hand to Grabbing Hands Motor Baby Activity

Your baby is still learning to successfully grab onto what they want.  They may not be able to yet, but they’re working on this skill by batting at toys repetitively.  Help them develop their hand-eye coordination as well as their grabbing and holding skills through fun enticing toys!

She will notice what she wants, and it seems like nothing will stop her from trying to reach and grab ahold of it.  Encourage her to reach for objects by safely placing a stick across her crib with 2-3 different objects safely tied to the stick.  Choose toys you think she will want to play with.  Make sure the objects are within her sight, reach, and touch.  Throughout her play, talk to her.  Describe what she is doing, describe what the toy she is trying to grab looks or feels like, or give her encouraging words.  Make sure you are watching the safety of your child and do not leave any cords or strings alone with her in the crib.

1- 5 Months

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