Holding- A New Idea!

Right now your baby’s hands are most likely tightly clenched in little fists.  When you apply pressure or stimulation to their palms, their hands automatically close tightly.  This is called reflexive grasping- they are not doing it voluntarily.  In no time, they will be opening and closing their little hands whenever they want and examining whatever object they have chosen to hold on to.  In the meantime, help your baby feel different objects in their hand and get the sensation of holding.

Find a little toy that he will be able to hold on to and that you know interests him.  Show him the toy and engage his interest by describing the toy or what you are about to do.  For example: “Look at this rattle!  It is very shiny and makes noise (shake, shake, shake).  Would you like to hold it?  Looks like you do!  Mommy help.”  Then touch the toy on the inside of his palm so that his fingers reflexively close around it.  If he drops it, hand it back to him and speak loving words when you do.


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