Power of Touch2 Baby Activity

It is easy to understand that activating your baby’s sense of touch is necessary for her development of sensory-motor skills, but what is less known and amazing is its effect on other aspects of your baby’s development and well-being.  Touch has been shown to have a strong relationship to her immune system, brain power, physical growth, and emotional health.

Baby Massage!  Give your baby a full body baby massage by gently rubbing, stroking, & squeezing parts of his body.  You don’t want to be too soft, but of course not too rough either.  Loving touches are the way to go!  Suggested progression: thighs, knees, calves, top of feet, bottom of feet, toes, shoulders, top of arm, lower arm, back and front of hand, fingers, chest, tummy, back of neck, shoulder blades, back, bum.


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