1 Year and Beyond: Vision and Baby Activities

Learn baby activities to engage with your little one that gives them a chance to practice and exercise many visual skills, such as: visual-spatial, visual-motor, or observation skills.

Baby’s Vision and Developmental Activities for 1 Year and Beyond:

Many of your baby’s visual abilities and development of the corresponding area in the brain that is activated are continuing to adjust even up to 9 years of age.  However, early experience, specifically from birth to 2 years of age, will have the greatest impact on most of these abilities.  So, it is save to say that though genetics definitely has a role in visual quality, our visual abilities are not solely dependent on nature but also experience.

Help your baby, toddler, and child along by continue to engage in activities that focuses on spatial perception, coordination, visual memory, and observation skills.  You can now understand that visual development is not just important for being able to see, but is key for movement, sports, arts, science, and so much more.  Below we give you activities that work on these skills.  Be sure to also check out the Activity page for more and more specific ideas.  Also, visit TipTopKidz.com if you would like to learn more on ways to stimulate your baby, toddler, or child’s brain development.

Your 1 year old will begin to have the motor ability to stack blocks, roll/throw balls, or push around toy cars.  These are all great examples of activities for babies to do that not only work on coordination but also visual-spatial perception.  They also are learning more about cause and effect and understanding distance better.  If he hasn’t already, you will see him banging toys together, dropping toys, throwing toys, and pointing at things on their own.

Be sure to continue reading to your child.  Be more descriptive then you have been.  Describe what you notice in the book.  Also begin to ask questions about what they think will happen next in the book- engage their imagination.

 Recommended Baby Activity Toys:

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