Vision from 9-12 Months and Fun Baby Activities

Below we give you baby activities based on what your 9 month old – 12 month old sees and what best engages skill developments that utilizes sight.

Baby’s Vision from 9-12 Months and Fun Baby Activities:

Most of your baby’s foundational visual developments have occurred.  During these next few months, she will be able to judge distance better and may even throw just slightly more precisely (keep in mind this is based on baby standards).  If your main point is to cultivate her visual abilities, then the answer would be to let her experience and practice these abilities often through fun activities for babies.  We know that visual-spatial skills can be improved through practice.  It also would make sense that different experiences with viewing different angles (ex: curved walls vs. normal rectangular room) or manipulating different shapes undoubtedly will have an affect on their visual abstraction and perhaps artistic skills.

Continuing playing hide and seek with her.  During this infant activity, fully hide the toy and have her seek it.  Most likely she will have reached the cognitive milestone of object permanence.  This baby game will engage her visual memory.

You also want to encourage her to crawl around and explore her play area.  There is no need to rush or force her into a walking position.  By crawling, she practices hand-eye-body coordination.

Play roll the ball.  At this age, she should be able to roll the ball towards you better.  You may need to play this activity multiple times before she really gets what to do.  This is an example activity for baby that works on hand-eye coordination.

Take her out to see different things!  Outside is always a stimulating visual environment.  Also add motion when playing.  You can swing, spin, or playfully raise her up and down.  Take her to the playground and use the swing set.

As always, be sure to incorporate language in all your baby activities.  Not only does it affect her language development, but you can also use it to describe what you and her see.  This will help her practice her observation skills.  Even if she does not completely understand what you are describing, she is getting in the habit of examining what she is looking at or noticing and finding what you are pointing at or speaking about.  Books are great ways to build language skills, build bonds, and are visually stimulating.

Be sure to check out more sensory activities for infants on the Activity Page as you will find more and specific baby activities.  We give you a few general ideas here, but the Activity Page will list more.  Also visit for even more activities that will give you specific activities for you to do throughout the day or week.

Recommended Baby Activity Toys:

We give you recommended toys that are visually stimulating so they will be of interest to baby to examine and explore more.  This will give you an opportunity to build the foundation for visual memory or observation skills with your little one.  We also list items that will help exercise visual-spatial skills.

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